50 Million Goodreads Readers Have A Want To Read Shelf (TBR)

Subscriber overview

It happens to every author: a reader shelves your book on their TBR, then forgets about it. Your book ends up buried under a thousand other want-to-reads. The TBR Plus app breathes life back into that graveyard and allows you to target readers who showed genuine interest in your books. For a fraction of the cost of online advertising you can:

  • Revitalize your backlist
  • Get readers hooked on the first book of a series 
  • Boost your sales rank

How does it work

Simply post an alert for your book in the TBR Plus App and it will target any Goodreads user with the book on their "Want To Read" shelf. A notification is sent direct to their mobile device, they click thru to the retail link and purchase. It's that simple!

Other subscriber benefits

TBR Plus allows you to announce when a new release goes live. You can direct readers to your giveaways, ARC releases and blog tours. You can also target and engage new readers who don't have your books on their TBR.

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